As an inhabitant of polluted and crowded cities I always wanted to change my surrounding reality & express my criticism towards the society of mass consumption.

In the 90's I was using mostly x-rays, film, cutters, paint rollers, sprays… and I was addicted to using B/W photocopiers, which I often struggled with. During this time period while being part of a social center I had the chance to see the screen printing process and immediately understood that it would become a large part of my life.

From that time on I dedicated myself to mixing different old school street art styles & the screen printing color separation process with the use of half tones. It was an interesting challenge... first frames were exposed in the sun and washed out under the shower. This d.i.y. experience gave me the opportunity to find different solutions for the future.

Wrong bases designs on collage & stencil, they have to be dirty & urban. But Wrong has to be much more than just printed designs on a t-shirt: We need contrast.

Wrong uses high quality fair trade tees. Which are printed by hand and are cured in a heat-press machine, for a smooth matte finish.

Wrong t-shirts are resistant to improper use.

Wrong will be with you in noisy over crowded venues, during morning bike slaloms through the jammed cities, in urban gardens during the harvest, and in the kitchens full of basil and garlic aromas. Everywhere passion fuels the routine.

Because we hate the unification, we hate boredom, we hate right.
There are a few ways to do something right, but the wrong ways are unlimited.
Wrong was the most used word in our workshop. Many times when printing the frame moves, you stain clothes, the test press is not ideal, we just say. Wrong!
Wrong brought us to the place we are now, learning from our own mistakes let us laugh at them now.
Wrong change the rules! Be out of line, become saint!